Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Note to self- Don't cuff these pants again.

Today's outfit combines two elements that conventional fashion wisdom would suggest that someone fighting in my weight class shouldn't wear, and certainly shouldn't pair. White pants and horizontal stripes.

I'm always hoping for a Jean Seberg kind of vibe when I wear this top.

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Today I've achieved more of a "this is what I wear to clean the barnacles off the summer folks' boats" vibe. Nowhere near as chic, but I like the effect, in spite of its (or maybe because of) challenging a couple of chunky girl clothing taboos.

I thought I was upping the sporty quotient of the outfit by cuffing the pants. Turns out I was just upping the stumpy leg quotient. It can be surprising how different things appear in photographs than in the mirror. I liked the way these narrow painter's pants looked with a cuff until I saw the pics. I'd benefit from a little leg elongation. Especially since I've thrown every other tenet of dressing to appear slimmer out of the window here.

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