Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Staples.

I seem to wear something like this almost everyday in the summertime. A lightweight skirt, a couple of tank tops, ballet flats and barely any make-up.

It's an easy combination and it seems to meet my needs on any given day, but it certainly isn't what I'd call exciting. I don't like the fact that summer seems be my excuse for devolving into someone who matches her shoes to her undershirt and calls it an outfit. But I'm not sure what else I could wear in the summer besides tanks- my summer clothing needs to be easy to launder and sleeveless. I sweat like crazy in the heat of the Central Valley and I can't abide sporting damp underarms in public.

Chris professes not to "understand" the layered tank top look. I'm not sure what there is to understand exactly. A single tank top is just a bit too sheer in the bust area for me so I need  to wear more than one at a time. Layering allows me to include some brighter colors than I might otherwise be comfortable wearing. And I'm convinced that multiple tank tops have a Spanx-like effect. I might be kidding myself with this one though- I had to sort through a lot of photos today to find a couple which didn't feature a huge, unsightly roll of back fat, prominently on display. Oh well.

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