Monday, August 1, 2011

Excuses, excuses...

Well, I've got a bunch of excuses for why I haven't posted in months, but I'm sure no one really wants to hear them. Suffice it to say, the past few months have been filled with much soul searching (some of which I'm planning to share here soon) and not a little self loathing (which I'm not planning on subjecting you to, mostly because I don't want to give my negative interior dialog the space to affirm itself.)

One of the challenges I'm facing right now, aside from the summer heat, is that I'm out of school, working from home on my thesis and some statistical analysis for a research project my major professor is doing. I'm only required to actually leave my house about once a week so getting dressed in anything that's fit for public consumption hasn't been a priority. Today I've at least removed my pajamas, taken a shower, and put some product in my hair to prevent it from standing straight up on end, ala Billy Idol. (Sadly, that's a look I've been unintentionally rocking quite a bit this summer due to my infrequent showers.)

Today I'm crunching numbers and writing in slouchy striped pants and a tee. 

If I needed proof that fashion is a social phenomenon I have it now. I'm sure there are people who truly dress for themselves but I'm willing to bet that most people are like me and won't get out of their lounge wear unless there's going to be someone who's likely to appreciate the effort. Even if that someone is just the UPS guy.

I've been wearing this new ring, purchased as part of my *Perfect Birthday Weekend* in the City, even on those days when I haven't gotten out of my PJ's. Chris thinks it's pretty lame that I will put on my new jewelry, and sit around admiring it, while I'm still clad in sleep creased pajamas and fuzzy sheepskin slippers. But I love new baubles. And, to my credit, this ring looks great paired with my blue striped grandpa style PJ's.

Please excuse the ratty, frayed cuticles- picking is a nervous habit I'm trying to break.

The photo doesn't capture how beautiful the Labradorite stone is when the light catches it. It's an ever changing combination of dark blue and light aqua with flecks of green and brown. I think it looks a lot like the color of my eyes.

Glass heart locket- a Valentine's gift from Chris.

My sister and my nephews talked me into getting these shoes. While they were visiting from Southern California we hit the outlet mall in nearby Vacaville. The boys needed new shoes so we found ourselves at the Van's outlet. My oldest nephew spent some time convincing me that Van's are far superior to Converse. His argument was, essentially, that Van's are *way* cooler. And since he is eleven this seemed to me to be a pretty compelling argument. Kids know cool, right? The deal at the outlet was buy one pair get the second pair at half off. The boys were each getting a pair and my sister had selected a pair but I was kind of on the fence. I don't wear sneakers very often and I've been devoted to Converse since the good old days when I used to decorate them myself, often with obscene words. At the last minute, as everyone was checking out, these caught my eye and I succumbed to the peer pressure and the lure of splitting the discount difference with my sister.

Seriously comfy shoes!

Three weeks later- I've worn these every other day since we bought them, Chris liked them so much we went out and got him a similar pair, and my sister sent me an email to let me know her husband had torn up my check. So, to recap, that's a gifted pair of shoes that I wear all the time, that make me seem a little bit cooler to my nephews, and that are super comfortable. Winner!

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