Friday, September 16, 2011

Hello, old friend.

I'm thrilled to have this skirt return to my wearable wardrobe.

It's still a tiny bit snug so it is sitting a little high on my waist but I was worried that if I didn't bring it back into the rotation now, I wouldn't get to wear it before summer was over. I can't really explain my love for this skirt. Maybe it's the combination of blues. Maybe it's that it looks like a vintage apron. Maybe it's that I always seem to be a sucker for a skirt with a yoke. Maybe it's the magical slimming effect of horizontal stripes. Who knows? All I know is that, against all reason, I love wearing this skirt. It's freakin' patchwork for heck's sake! If you described this skirt to me I'd tell you, in no uncertain terms, that I wasn't interested. Really, only beds should wear patchwork. And yet, here I am.

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