Thursday, September 15, 2011

They lied about the wrap dress.

If the fashion magazines and make-over shows are to be believed, wrap dresses are supposed to be universally flattering, and especially good for us bustier, or more padded, ladies. I'm not convinced this is actually true. At least, I remain unconvinced by this particular wrap dress.

I don't think that it is particularly flattering for me. I mean, it's fine, but it's no show stopper, right? I think it makes me look a bit too straight up and down. Maybe that's why all the make-over shows approve of the style? Because it minimizes the curves? But it doesn't minimize them in a very appealing way. Am I being overly critical when I say that this dress makes me look rather solidly built and matronly? I don't think I am- this seems a pretty fair assessment to me.

The sleeves of this dress are a touch too long for me. They're cuffed up in these pictures but I'll shorten them before I wear the dress again. I'm thinking that perhaps the sleeves actually want to be shortened a lot. Like, to the elbows. Would that help?

What I'd really like is a wrap dress that didn't require me to wear a tank underneath to avoid indecency. I'd love a wrap dress that wrapped completely closed over my chest. The tank ruins the look of the V-neck and increases the frump factor considerably.

Also, these black shoes are killing me. Visually, not physically. I almost never like the way black shoes look with anything anymore. I used to wear black shoes with everything, but then again, everything I wore was black, so that makes some sense. Now I'd almost always prefer a colored shoe to a black one, but this dress is black and cream, so black seemed to be the best option. I'm adding a pair of nude heels to my wardrobe wish list. Wouldn't a nude heel look about a thousand times better?

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