Wednesday, November 23, 2011

...and you lose some.

I bought this ultra plain black dress on Monday, part of a small shopping spree to bolster my professional wardrobe. It seemed like a smart, practical choice at the time, but today I kind of hate it.

I imagined it being the kind of comfortable, easy to wear basic that could be jazzed up by the judicious use of accessories.  Today I couldn't figure out what I could wear with it to make it look less like a boring black sack on me. I thought this combination of green boots, purple sweater, and brown belt was okay- not stellar, but okay- and then I saw my side view photos!  In every single one the draped cowl neckline juts out like a ridiculous fabric beak above my breasts. I am so irritated I could spit.  Could I not have identified this problem in the fitting room? Would that have been too much to ask?

Add to this situation a bunch of crappy, grainy, low light photos and you can see why I'm going to try and pretend today never happened. We tried taking photos downstairs, hoping there would be more light. There wasn't- and the odd perspective is making me look like an alcoholic giantess dwarfing our bar. I'm just going to put today's outfit behind me and hope for more success (and better light) tomorrow.  I know I'm supposed to be trying to analyze what went wrong and what to do differently in the future, but frankly, I'm too disappointed and too pissed off. And I suspect that the answer may be to just never wear this dress again. Oh well. You win some, you lose some.

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