Sunday, November 20, 2011

Introducing...teeny blue enamel leaf earrings.

This additional *inherited* jewelry post was unexpected. I thought that I had already featured all of the jewelry I could wear without alteration, but while I was organizing the rest of the things I received I found these cuties.  How'd I miss them?  When I picked these up I didn't think I could wear earrings anymore because of the large holes in my ears. But it turns out having big holes in your ears is perfectly adaptive for wearing clip-on earrings. Having no actual ear in the pinchy-est part of the earrings almost completely alleviates their usually migraine inducing tightness. And- bonus- they seem much more secure than I remember them feeling on my unstretched ears. This realization practically has me dancing with joy. Suddenly, I'm dreaming of a world of gorgeous vintage clip-on earrings just waiting to be mine!

The weather has not been cooperative with my outfit photo efforts. These pictures were taken at a reasonable hour in natural light and still they're blurry. At least I don't feel like it's my fault this time.

This I what I wore today to make an epic three store shopping trip to get everything we need for our Thanksgiving feast. I wore pretty much the same outfit last night (different shirt, no hat) to see Bye Bye Birdie at the Davis Musical Theater. Normally I seize any opportunity to dress up for an evening out, even community theater, even though ours is a very casual community. It was raining and cold and I just couldn't work up the enthusiasm for anything fancier than jeans and boots. Turns out this was a good thing- it was so cold in the theater I never took my coat off.

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