Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing...the silver filigree leaf pin.

I wouldn't ordinarily wear a pin just slapped on a hat like this. Attempting to feature all of this jewelry on the blog is causing me to try things I wouldn't have otherwise considered. This placement of this pin seemed to appear rather contrived no matter where I tried to put it on this outfit. Left with the choice of appearing contrived with a pin on my chest or contrived with a pin on my shoulder, I decided that I'd prefer contrived and slightly unexpected than contrived with a pin in an absolutely ordinary location. For better or worse, my boundaries are being pushed slightly by blogging. While I can't say that I think this particular pin and hat combination is a run away success style-wise, I do believe that any expansion of one's boundaries is a good thing.

I'm completely without make-up in the above photo. Unless you count the smudges of yesterday's mascara under my eyes. Why am I posting this photo? Because my chin looks really long. Everyone has something they're obsessed about. This is my thing. I'd kill for a jutting, prominent jaw line. I think I have a terribly weak chin. The only cosmetic surgery I've ever given serious consideration to a chin implant. I adore how my chin looks in this photo so I'm sharing it with you, even though this is an otherwise terrible picture of me. 

This cotton beret is the hat I usually jam over my hair when I have to go somewhere and I don't have time to take a shower. As is the case today. I'm feeling quite proud of myself for posting pictures of my un-showered, un-made-up self. This is what running late looks like, people.

Chris called this look "very 'movie' French." Gotta love that man!

Doesn't this look like I'm gazing affectionately at my very prominent love-handle?

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