Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Introducing...the sliver sweater clip.

I'm coming to the end of this series featuring my *inherited* jewelry. I have just one more piece to feature after today. There are other things, but those are things I'm considering having reset, or restrung, or changing in some way to better fit my style. These last few pieces have been more challenging than the first things I wore.  I tried and tried to get this sweater clip worn and on the blog earlier but I never liked it on any outfit with which I pared it- until now.

I think the idea of a contraption like this was that it would keep your sweater from slipping off when you had it gracefully slung about your shoulders, rather than actually having your arms in the sleeves. I think that would drive me crazy so in this outfit the clip is merely decorative and not practical. There is no need to fear that this tiny sweater is going to slip away- I have to struggle in and out of it. It's an extra-small, and I'm most definitely not, but I like the shrunken effect for layering purposes.

It looks like I was right to be wary of owning jeans again. I seem to wear these all the time now. I'll use the excuse that it's getting cold but if I'm honest their frequent appearance here is due more to laziness than temperature. Jeans are just too easy.

These new black patent and tobacco colored flats are making me want a nice trim pair of black slacks. How can it be that I don't own a pair of basic black pants? Actually, I probably do own a couple pairs that don't fit me and are stored away for the time being. But that doesn't do me any good at all right now. Once again I've acquired new shoes and let a practical wardrobe need stay unfilled. It's hard for me to be sensible where cute shoes are concerned.

Chris bought these for me this weekend. I'm not trying to diminish the sweetness of this gesture but I'm sure that their being flats had something to do with his generosity. Chris never misses an opportunity to point out the folly of my many impractical shoe choices as I am hobbling down the street after him in four inch heels. I suspect Chris is trying to reward my sensible choice in order to reinforce the behavior.

The ring is an eBay purchase. Silver, wood, and tiger's eye. I love the silver and wood together. Almost all of the furniture in our home is this same dark wood and silver metal combination. Viewed from the top (as above) this ring looks like a fried egg. In profile it looks more like a nipple. The tiger's eye stone protrudes quite a bit. I refer to this as the fried egg ring- because a nipple ring is a different animal entirely.

Adorable, right? Who needs pants? Okay, I do. But these are too cute.

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  1. I love that sweater clasp! And left response to your comment, fyi...