Friday, November 18, 2011

Red, white and blue.

This is what I wore for a tough day online resume submissions. I swear these sites are designed to make an applicant feel so incompetent she's ashamed to have made any claims to computer proficiency on her resume! I spent so long agonizing over the cover letter touting my excellent time management skills that I was timed out of the application process and had to begin again. At which time, this seasoned manager who is able to adapt easily to the changing needs of business, and handle high levels of pressure with decorum and aplomb, began screaming at her husband for not being helpful enough. Luckily, he is not one of my references.

This necklace is reputed to be made of ancient Roman glass. Years ago I worked for The Museum Company and we sold lots of this iridescent glass jewelry. The story goes that the glass was recovered from a cache of discarded glass near the site of a glass factory believed to have been in operation in Israel during the holy roman empire. So, this piece of glass would have been, basically, trash. The substandard glass pieces created at the factory would have been tossed on the refuse pile, buried for centuries, excavated, refashioned into jewelry, and sold at the mall. I have no reason to disbelieve this chain of events; I told this tale to customers myself, hundreds of times. I'm not saying it isn't true, either. I've just become a bit more skeptical of the claims made by retailers than I once was. Whatever the truth is, this is a pretty, glittery, shimmering piece of glass- I don't really care what it is beyond that.

Possibly ancient glass and silver.

The five dollar blue patent flats make their blog debut.

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