Friday, November 11, 2011

Thrift Haul

I allowed myself a thrift store splurge on Thursday, using the excuse that I needed to start building up a wardrobe of interview outfits. And, to my credit, I did get a couple of interview worthy items in this thrift haul.

Serious black pumps:

These have a nice, reasonable, heel height for interviews. Not so high that I'll be struggling to walk, but high enough to nicely elongate my leg line. They work well with black tights, and they are comfortable enough to wear all day, provided one's day doesn't involve a great deal of standing or walking. These are office shoes, not retail shoes.

Black and blue knit dress:

Buoyed by my more successful second attempt at styling my thrifted wrap dress I gave this faux wrap a try. I really like this print and this dress has much more fullness in the skirt than the feather print wrap dress. The top of this dress might be a bit big for me. (That almost never happens!) I might have to take it in a little but I'm going to reserve my judgement on this until I try it with a substantial belt, instead of the wimpy, narrow, self fabric tie that came with the dress.

Black and cream silk blouse:

I love love love this print. The blouse is the slightest bit tight in the chest area and the top button pulls open a little. I bought it anyway because, did I mention that I love love love this print? So, either I'm going to get back on the healthy choices wagon and slim down, or I'm going to try a more minimizing bra, or I'm going to end up giving it to someone else. Heck, it was only four dollars. Just thinking about wearing it is almost worth the price. No, really, I'll be sad if I can't wear it, but I think it's definitely a risk worth taking.

Jellybean print silk blouse:

I actually saw this print more as squashed circles until I brought it home and Chris remarked- "Jellybeans, nice."  Now jellybeans are all I can see. This blouse fits well in the bust and therefore the shoulders are too big.  Since this is a problem I generally expect to experience with any blouse that wasn't made expressly for me I thought my first attempt at making the shoulder alteration which would result in a blouse that fits me should be performed on a garment that I wouldn't be sick over ruining. Just in case. This is that garment.

Black and white knit dress:

This one is not work appropriate. I picked this up to provide an alternative option for this dress. It has many of the same qualities: wash and wear, easy to pull on, travels well. Not spectacular, but serviceable and useful.

Shiny blue flats:

I have a thing for colored flats. I do already own a pair of navy patent flats, but these have silver buckles, and they were five bucks. I don't think much more explanation is necessary.

High waist-ed trouser-ish jeans:

I've been wanting a trouser style jean for a while. These sort of fit the bill. The denim fabric of these jeans is quite thick and rather stretchy, a quality which is unlike what I would normally associate with a trouser jean, but the high waist and full, straight leg are exactly what I was imagining. They will provide a welcome and practical alternative to the jeans I have been wearing almost constantly of late.

Striped sailor pants:

I'm a sucker for pants with this button detail. And stripes of any stripe. As an added bonus, since these stripes are vertical, they are possibly somewhat slimming.

An interesting (to me, at least) end note: it suddenly seems that in order to find the things I want at the thrift store I simply have to utter the magic words- "I never find said item at the thrift store." This magic has worked recently, first on jeans and now on blouses. It's making me wonder if I shouldn't start complaining about how I never find diamond bracelets at the thrift store. More realistically, I guess it should prove to me that I shouldn't rule anything out; I should just keep looking.

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