Thursday, November 3, 2011

Introducing...the silver feather/leaf pin.

Worn today as a pendant:

I think of this pin as a leaf, but today I decided it was abstract enough to read as a feather when paired with the feather print of this wrap dress. I tried the pin in several different orientations on the dress, and on the tank, without success. I was already fully dressed so I was pretty committed to making the dress and the pin work together, thereby sticking to my goal of posting all my newly acquired jewelry while not having to get dressed all over again, just to post this pin today. My thought process went something like this- "It needs to be up high or it looks silly, and not on the patterned fabric or it gets lost. It's too bad I can't pin it to my neck...(looks at pin held against neck)...ah-ha!...necklace!?" Now the pin is suspended on a silver chain, and accomplishes the dual purpose of being the focus of this post and making me feel quite creative and resourceful besides.

I decided to give this wrap dress another try today, after being seriously disappointed by it the first time I wore it. (You can see it here for comparison.) I think this is a big improvement. Of the many things I've learned from this blog (and [note to self] I really should be keeping better track of those lessons) one of the best is this: A self fabric belt never, ever, does the dress it came with, or you, any favors.

I've also pushed up the sleeves here, to about three quarter length, and I think I prefer this length to the long sleeve. I'm still on the fence about making this alteration. Mostly because it isn't often that I find dresses that have long sleeves so it seems a shame to 'waste' this one. I'll have to wear it one more time with the long sleeve before I make my final decision.

I've been searching for years for an upgrade for these boots. These were purchased against my better judgement, and under significant pressure from the friend with whom I was shopping. They are constructed of a leather-like material bonded to a stretch knit fabric. I thought at the time of their purchase that they were far too 'hollywood hooker' for my taste. (I mean 'hollywood' in the sense of the movie industry dream machine, not the geographic location. These boots look to me like a costume designer's conception of what a sex-worker would wear. Even with my limited experience I know that most of the women who sell sex do not look anything like this.)

I bought the boots, in spite of my qualms, because they were deeply discounted and my friend was loudly singing their praises. And they've turned out to be marvelously practical. I've worn them with slim skirts that cover the knees. I've also worn them with evening dresses that have a narrow silhouette- they can somehow take the edge off (or maybe give an edge to) a dress that might be a bit too fancy for just dinner, otherwise. As long as the skirt or dress covers the knee, and the tops of the boots don't show, the effect is actually more dance teacher than dominatrix, in my opinion.

I'd love to trade up to a pair of boots almost exactly like these. Something of better quality, and with a less pointy toe, but otherwise the same. The same slim fit in the foot and leg. The same only  moderately high, but still slender, heel. The same unadorned style. It's proven an impossible dream so far, but I keep searching.

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